Annual Festival Prize – A Fuck With Pratibha

This is a true story that happened to me when I was in my first year of Engg. We had this festival and I had lured this chick named Pratibha to participate with me in some events. Naturally, I needed a pretext to be with her, so I even bunked some lectures for the rehearsals of some so called events. Let me first tell you about Pratibha. She is a Punjabi chick with fair colour and relatively small boobs. She often wears tight jeans and I felt like patting her ass from outside and filling her boobs, her cunt and the roundness of her butt with my hardness. She sometime wore sleeveless tops – one day she came wearing a sleeveless top and when she raised her arm I could see her armpits were not properly shaved. I was turned on – as I am always with armpit hair. That day when we were sitting rehearsing in a room in ‘accidentally’ brushed my hand against her boobs. Ah! Sweet and soft heaven.

Let me now tell you something about me. I an a fair good looking guy with a 6.5” penis. Now let’s come straight to the point. That day was the penultimate day of the College fest and as the college fest was night-scheduled mostly all of the college had gathered in the hall at 6:00 pm. I said to Pratibha that we needed to rehearse our events. She said OK, and we left to the college rooms. The college was almost deserted. I said let’s practice in some lecture hall on the second floor. She said OK. So we climbed up the stairs. She in

front of me – I could see her round butt sway and began stroking my tool there itself.

Once on the second floor – we found there was complete darkness. She said switch on the light. But I had other motives in my mind. I knew where she was standing and went over to her and rubbed my penis on her butt. She said what are you doing. I replied in one big squeeze of her boobs and she moaned heavily. I knew she was ready. I grabbed her by the face and gave her great kisses all over her face. Then I opened her shirt and began to make circles on her little boobs. She said suck them I started to suck her boobs and bit them on a couple of occasions. It was getting too hot for me. I unzipped my pent and began rubbing my penis in the space where I imagined her pussy would be beneath her jeans. She felt good and took my tool in her hand. I pushed her face downwards and pushed my tool into her mouth. She said what am I supposed to do. I said remove the foreskin with your tongue and begin licking. I was on the seventh heaven. I said Oh Oh Pratibha do it hard. Let me fuck your mouth. You bloody bitch. I came all into her mouth. She liked the taste she said.

Now once satisfied, I wanted some extended fun. I took her in my lap, and unlatched a room on the second floor. Fortunately there was light in the room. We could hear the festival sounds below. I undid her jeans and had a look at her pussy. I was really turned on to find she had not shaved her pussy or legs. I first gave her navel a good hard lick and then turned to her pussy. Sweet piece of flesh. I parted her pussy lips and took one of these in my mouth. She immediately slid her hand down and began stroking her little clitoris. After about 10 minutes of licking, she was exhausted. Ah Ah andar dalo apana . . . phar dalo isko. She said simultaneously telling me where to touch to give here maximum pleasure.

I decided to do it. While I was licking her she had pressed her hips around me. I picked her in that position. Stood up and pressed her against the wall. Few hard strokes and she said she was cumming. I said wait we will cum together. After two minutes I had shot my thing into her pussy and she lay there savouring her first fuck.